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K-9 Painting


Sheep, the Wolf, and the Sheepdog

K-9 handlers are very proud of their dog, as that dog is both a partner and a friend. Unfortunately, every year some of our dogs will be shot and killed, while protecting the public, the handler and other peace officers.

In order to honor the K-9’s dedicated service, I commissioned Emily Pugmire, a classically trained oil painter, to paint Sheep, the Wolf, and the Sheepdog.

In the book, On Combat, written by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Grossman discusses three classifications of people, Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs. As a K-9 handler, I believe we encounter two classifications of people, sheep are the public we serve and wolves are the suspects that attempt to harm the public. The sheepdogs are not only peace officers; they are our dogs, the police service dog.

The painting beautifully illustrates the police service dog’s job. As such, I am making prints of the painting available for purchase. The print quality is so great; it is very difficult to tell the print from the original painting. I am sure that K-9 handlers, their family and friends will want to share in the beauty and meaning of this work of art.

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