K-9 Webinars

New in 2018

K-9 Webinars are now available to all law enforcement agencies.

Short for Web-based seminar, a webinar is a seminar that is transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements: the ability to give, receive and discuss information.

The K-9 webinar focuses on:
  • The topics of the Webinar are determined by the hosting agency.
  • Specific K-9 disciplines, such as patrol, tracking, narcotics, etc;
  • Specific State up-to-date statutory and recent case law regarding law enforcement K-9;
  • SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) recent K-9 case law;
  • Specific USCA (U.S. Court of Appeals) Circuit’s recent K-9 case law;
  • New K-9 deployment tactics, that are based upon the recent case law changes.
The webinar is a cost effective way of updating K-9 personnel on current
K-9 legalities and tactics.
For further information on logistics and costs, contact Terry at gro.kcelf9knull@retsambew