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We want to welcome Mike Kmiecik to Canine Legal Updates and Opinions. Mike will continue to update the website just as it was under Terry Fleck. Mike has been updating and summarizing the latest cases just prior to Terry’s death. 

Mike was hand-picked by Terry several months back to continue on in his absence. He is a 24-year veteran of law enforcement and an Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board Certified Canine Officer.

Mike has also been a lead police service dog legal instructor for the past 8 years and authored the Illinois Police Service Dog Resource Guide: A Comprehensive Resource Guide for Administrators, Supervisors, and Handlers.

Terry had made provisions to keep the website and his legacy active in order to provide an on-going income for his wife. Only your subscription support keeps the Website running and updated.

Podast Update

Mike joined Police K9 Radio last week for a discussion on the five court mandates that ALL K-9 Handlers need to know! Listen in!


Colorado Supreme Court decided on how legalized Marijuana impacts drug detection dogs in the State of Colorado.  Log in or become a member to see how the Court ruled.
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We are pleased, once again, to be offering Canine Legal Updates and Opinions Seminars throughout the United States! We have a variety of course offerings, including all police service and working dog law topics, including supervisor and agency liability. To schedule a seminar or to obtain further information, please contact

Patrol Canines

patrol-32x32Case law that mandates policy on patrol canine use, deployment, control, report writing and liability. Includes relevant case law. Prison K-9 is also included.

Canine Supervisors

Deals specifically with vicarious liability, sample policies, K-9 standards & handler compensation issues for Supervisors and Administrators. Includes relevant court cases .

Narcotic Canines

narcotics-32x32Case law on narcotic canine search and seizure for handlers, supervisors and administrators, including vehicle & residential sniffs,  Supreme Court & Court of Appeals.

Explosive Canines

explosive-32x32Industry standards and case law on explosive canine search and seizure for handlers, supervisors and administrators. Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and District Courts.

Tracking Canines

tracking-32x32Case law on canine tracking, evidence recovery and canine scent discrimination for handlers, supervisors and administrators.

Accelerant Canines

accelerant-32x32Industry standards and case law on accelerant detector dog usage for handlers, supervisors and administrators, including State case law where applicable.

State-specific K-9 Law

state-32x32K-9 laws to protect police K-9′s, quarantine exception, accidental / unintentional bites, standards, patrol, tracking, narcotics, explosives & AG Opinions.

Search and Rescue K-9

sar-32x32SAR law for handlers, supervisors & administrators, including case law trends, industry standards, testimony & sample guidelines.


Canine Articles

Written by Terry Fleck to assist the canine industry in a variety of topics.  

Canine Resources

 Links to various K-9 associations and K-9 resources that assist the industry.


The Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal detector Guidelines. Consensus based best practices for the use of detection K-9 teams Click on “Approved Guidelines”

Member Forum

 Member forums provide an opportunity to discuss K-9 law, training, or K-9 related topics. 


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