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It should say FULL MEMBERSHIP. If you believe this to be correct then click the link below to pay.

After you click on the link, please REVIEW THE NEXT PAGE. In the Purchase Details it should say FULL MEMBERSHIP. If it says anything other than FULL MEMBERSHIP please contact Terry Fleck for further instructions.

NOTICE: All new memberships are subject to employment verification. If you do not meet the specific criteria below, do not proceed with registration.
  • Current Law Enforcement
  • Current Prosecutor
  • Current Law Enforcement agency attorney; or public entity attorney
  • Retired Law Enforcement
  • Private (Civilian) Law Enforcement K-9 Trainer
  • Private (Civilian) Law Enforcement Handler
  • Fire Personnel (Accelerant)

If you have ANY DOUBT about your eligibility to subscribe please contact Terry Fleck before registering and paying.

Failure to meet the specific criteria will result in revocation of your membership and loss of your membership fees.
DO NOT CLICK THIS BUTTON to renew a Credit Card subscription (it will automatically renew), update your credit card (do that in your member profile), or unlock your account because you lost your password (Recover Password). Only click the button below if you paid by check last year and want to renew with a credit card, or if you are a brand new subscriber.

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